New powerful & wireless LED lamp:

Wednesday, 05 Jun 2019

► Astera Pixeltube AX1

The Astera AX1 PixelTube is a set of eight powerful and fully wireless LED tubes that color your party or event with its endless possibilities in terms of color, effects or position.
Unleash your creativity and control the effects completely wireless with the remote control, wireless DMX or the AsteraApp up to 300m range!

You can either hang the tubes with the mounts or place them upright on its foot. The lamp is capable of cooling itself without a fan and has a 28 watt powerful RGBW light source.
The battery of the pixel tube can function for up to 20 hours and is suitable for outdoor use (IP65) without taking the weather conditions into account.
This set comes in a specially developed case in which you can charge the eight tubes simultaneously in just 7 hours.

All the above features make this Astera AX1 an extremely versatile product. You can use this pixel tube for example as indirect lighting to decorate the location, but also as a creative addition to a stage or at a festival.

VIDEO Asterix PixelTube A1

De handige case met acht tubes.

De handige case met acht tubes.