Alides, 125 years Group Maes

 14 Sep 2017

Alides, part of Group Maes, celebrated its 125th anniversary in September. The focus of the event, being the evolution of the company from the past until now, was perfectly translated through communication and technique.

Originality and creativity were the key words to evoke the atmosphere of the past. After entering the cosy reception room with a wink to grandmother’s living room, the guests were guided through the walk of fame showing the milestones in the company’s transformation to the pop-up venue: a wonderful, huge marquee on a project site. One of the eye-catchers in this marquee was the scale-model of the project to be realised on the site.

SLV equipped the marquee with audio-visual techniques and subtle decoration, always keeping an eye on the desired rigid “interior” the customer highly appreciated.

In order to strengthen the message, the communication of the concept was based on the technical aspect too. The guests also got carried away by the right atmosphere. Thanks to this perfect match, positive reactions were bound to come. 

The professional and neat approach of your team enforced the effect of this white setting! Thank you once again!

— Thijs Bekaert
Dazzle Events

Commissioned by: Dazzle Events