Atlas Copco

Interescaut - Waterfront Schelle

 16 May 2018 - 20 May 2018

During an impressing five-day event, called the Smart Air Solution Days from 16 to 20 May, Atlas Copco showcased their innovative air control system.

The fabulous place to be: the old power station in Schelle (known from “De Leeuwenkuil”*). 

SLV Rent installed a magic setting both in the large plenary room and in 10 smaller breakout rooms. 

* TV programme

Atlas Copco Atlas Copco

While Atlas Copcos topnotch smart air control system was blowing away 950 international guests, SLV Rent brought the event to an even higher level with a perfect light, sound and video setting. 

The event in figures

These figures even strengthen the fact that this really was a huge event. SLV Rent equipped the event location with the following material: 

- 360 metres of pipe & drape
- 1 kilometre of truss-structure
- 80 hoists
- 7,1 kilometres of electric cable
- 360 lamps
- A led wall of 75 square metres
- 40 headsets for a perfect sound perception

Commissioned by: KonseptS I Pictures: Nicolas Herbots Fotografie