Luisterplein @ Ghent Festivities

François Laurentplein - Ghent

 19 Jul 2019

Luisterplein is celebrating its tenth birthday this year in 2019! That is why it changes its name to 'Ons Luisterplein'.
In the meantime, they are a fixed value during the Ghent Festivities; SLV Rent was proud to provide both the light, sound and video.

'Unplugged' tribute for Neil Young

'Unplugged' tribute for Neil Young

The setting on the stage created an intimate atmosphere during the concerts, the string lights on the square also created a cozy atmosphere.

People who came to enjoy the concerts from a distance could watch the artists on different LED screens.

Luisterplein @ Ghent Festivities Luisterplein @ Ghent Festivities

There was a cozy atmosphere during the day and in the evening.

No fewer than 80 artists and groups were on stage. 

Guy Swinnen and Patrick Riguelle - both still in their fifties - already fit in perfectly with those old gray wolves. Together with Gertjan Van Hellemont, Bjorn Erikson and Piet De Pessemier, they brought an "unplugged" homage to living legend Neil Young.

The Listening Square was to small for the audience – surprisingly – with a lot of youngsters.

— Lochristinaar
Willem Vermandere didn't disappoint with his 78 years!

Willem Vermandere didn't disappoint with his 78 years!

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