Nightshift Ghent


This month, the edition of Nightshift in Ghent has received a well-deserved silver BEA
(or Benelux Event Award). The value of the contribution of SLV rent is quite beyond doubt.

During this kind of stylish networkevent, creating the appropriate atmosphere  is of vital importance… which is really our cup of tea!!! Did we arouse your curiosity on creating an award winning atmosphere?

Dozens of spotlightsfixed at the black truss structuresshowed their light among the visitors. Smaller spotlights were fixed onto the information boards. We also placed some TV screens to draw the attention of the visitors.

A touch of background music strengthened the network atmosphere. The public announcement system was the icing on the professional cake: from the event hall to the breakout room, we informed every single visitor. 

Nightshift Ghent Nightshift Ghent

At about 11PM, the dimmed spotlights made the business atmosphere turn into a ‘let’s have a party’one.  The perfect timing for our party set! Time for party lights and time to push up the volume.