Opening ION headquarters

Waregem Business Park

 20 Jun 2019 - 21 Jun 2019

In collaboration with Dazzle Events SLV Rent took care of the audiovisual aspects of this event.
The end customer ION had the ambition to expand for some time already and was therefore looking for a new location. They decided to build a complete business park with a total of five different office buildings.

SLV Rent also knows that the future is "green", which is why it is so interesting to work in such an ecological and modern environment.
ION is the first to bring project developers and ecology together in the sector.
They decided not to invest anymore in the use of fossil fuels, but they installed climate ceilings in combination with floor convectors and 50 heat pumps at a depth of 80 meters.

The calm before the storm

The calm before the storm

4 days of load-in, 19 SLV technicians, 2 event-days, 1200 satisfied guest.

Dazzle Events
Opening ION headquarters Opening ION headquarters

The ION letters were made from 28 IBC containers.

Various special acts ensured variety and ambiance during the event, SLV Rent ensured that this happened in complete safety.

The floating acrobat who took care of the Champagne serving was safely attached to a Prolyft AETOS hoist from SLV Rent.

The Pyro-act performed on top of the construction of the ION letters, which was illuminated by CLF Yara.

Champagne is served!

Champagne is served!

Opening ION headquarters Opening ION headquarters

Opening ION headquarters Opening ION headquarters


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Aftermove ION event 2019