Sales convention Perrigo

Oude Vismijn Ghent

 10 Jan 2019

Our loyal partner Fast Forward Events asked us to help organize the annual sales convention of Perrigo.
Our technicians placed a beautiful academic setup for the various presentations, including a realistic visual projection of a pharmacy.

That's why we are known for our #OutstandingConceptSupport

3D animated projection of a pharmacy

3D animated projection of a pharmacy

Sales convention Perrigo Sales convention Perrigo

After the presentation of the new products and different presentations; everyone enjoyed a pleasant boat trip on Ghent's waterways.

With a nice drink, everybody could feel the good vibe.

When the guests returned to the Oude Vismijn they were surprised to see the host of the evening: a charming circus director and his entourage!

'Le Diner Spectacle' could start: a great combo of food sharing and circus acts by jugglers, clowns, acrobats, a fire-eater and anyone who was curious about his future could visit the Fortune Teller!

A clown is like Aspirin, only it works twice as fast!

— Groucho Marx
Sales convention Perrigo Sales convention Perrigo

The circus entourage for the evening.

"Work hard, play hard!"

After a nice meal, they could get the party started!
The cosy lights and the cheerful DJ created a perfect atmosphere.


Pictures by Lennen Descamps.

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